Farah Khan tells you TOP 5 places to explore in Qatar


As the countries around the world are finally easing the travel restrictions, people (especially the travellers and tourists) are looking to hit the roads and skies again. People are resuming their travel plans to visit their favourite places, beautiful cities across the globe. Qatar, too, is definitely one such place that is home to spectacular beaches, mighty deserts, majestic historic structures, vibrant markets and much more.

Recently, Bollywood filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan too took a trip to Qatar and shared some breathtaking postcards from her travel diaries. She shared the “top five experiences” from her visit to Qatar.

From going on an off-roading sea experience through the sand dunes, shopping at Souq Wakif, it seems like Farah is totally smitten by Qatar and her Instagram posts prove the fact. According to her, you should explore these 5 places in Qatar.

  1. Katara Cultural Village
  2. Inland Sea Off-road Experience
  3. National Museum of Qatar
  4. Lusail Stadium
  5. Souq Waqif

Check out her posts below.


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